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The Assimilate EDU Program for Institutions

What does it cost?

Nothing. At Assimilate we want to make it as easy as possible for High schools, training facilities and universities to adopt SCRATCH. We think that education should never have a price tag attached to it and be accessible for anyone willing to learn. As such, our EDU programme comes completely free of charge for any applicable training facility.

What do you get?

The system admin of the institution will get an account on our MyAssimilate portal, which contains all software keys, valid for one year. After the initial year, all keys can easily be extended upon request. The amount of keys depends on your specific requirements - i.e. wether you need to provide complete classrooms with licenses, or just a couple machines. Also: The school is allowed to hand out licenses to students in order to run SCRATCH on their own machines. So depending on your demand, you will find between 1 and 1000 licenses in your account.

How do you get it?

Straight forward: Please fill out the application form to the right and we will take it from there. During the process you will be required to sign an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding). Once that is signed and an accountholder determined, you will find all required license keys and download links in the designated MyAssimilate account.


Online Training

Assimilate provides its own tutorials on a variety of topics. Check out our Online Training Page!


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